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Philip Kingsley are Trichological hair care experts with over 65 years experience in the science of the hair and scalp. Each product is driven by Trichology. Each formulation is inspired by the real-life hair and scalp concerns seen in their Clinics in London and New York every day. And each is designed not only to improve the hair’s appearance, but to improve its long-term health and strength too. From dryness, split ends and breakage to dandruff, scalp sensitivity and hair loss, Philip Kingsley has you covered.

THE Philip Kingsley STORY

Philip Kingsley was a true visionary in the world of hair care. Over his celebrated 65-year-career, he treated the hair – and boosted the morale – of thousands of clients, including actors, models, royalty, professional athletes, beauty journalists and TV personalities. He gave solutions to the most extreme hair and scalp problems, and offered products, advice and regimes for those who simply wanted their hair to look and feel it's very best.

Philip recognised the profound psychological significance of hair for both men and women. He understood like no one else how important your hair is to your self-esteem. With this in mind, he dedicated his career to helping people achieve the very best hair they could.

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